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Year 2015

Kävelykioski wishes to congratulate AB HUR OY on its 25th anniversary
for its high quality, user friendly and safe training facilities and also wishes you continued success with your achievements in the field both in Finland and worldwide.

Love at first sight
”I was given the opportunity some 25 yrs ago to acquaint myself with your production plant in Kokkola. I was immediately inspired - It was love at first sight. During my thirty -year career in physiotherapy I have oftten had the opportunity to encourage my clients to use HUR training facilities. Then at fifty I embarked that - once in a lifetime - challenge. I decided that as for example being a former gymnast, I wanted to encourage others to take care of their physical capabilities through out their lives aswell - with the help of regular training ! Without HUR fitness equipment, even my own life would be substantially more painful. With regular training of the muscles combined with healthy food, I am able to carry out my daily routines, substantially reducing my intake of pain medication. Thank you HUR !

At Kävelykioski senior citizens practice together daily in our HUR facility. Younger adults carry out their HUR practice independently during the evening and on weekends.

You are invited to come and join us !

Nancy Seppänen
Occupational Physiotherapist
Personal Trainer



The world of Kävelykioski
The motto is: ” We can shorten our life, not extend it.” Professor Ikka Vuori PE.D

Kävelykioski invites you into its restful, old-world environment to regularly spend time excercising … without music, mirrors or haste … and during the winter you can also enjoy the glow of the vintage fireplace, while excercising.

The operational plan in our relaxed atmosphere offers you excercices with physiotherapeutic direction and advice, a cup of fresh coffee or tea and a chat with others … Contentment in life does not really need a better recipe, does it …

We carry out the client work ethic ideology: ” We activate the client - we do not do their work for them ” … Carrying out what one does indenpendently is especially effective in life.

Please enjoy our photogallery aswell from our Seniors’ Gym:








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  • RYHMÄT ilman ajanvarausta:

Seniorit/Eläkeläiset/VAKIO KÄYTTÄJÄ    
ma-to klo 9, 10, 12 ja 13
pe       klo 9, 10

Seniorit/Eläkeläiset/UUSI KÄYTTÄJÄ    
SUOSITTELEMME ma-to klo 13

ma-to klo 15 tai sopimuksen mukaan

Vakioasiakkaat avaimella        
ma-su klo 8.00 - 20.00

ma-pe klo 11.30-12.00

  • YKSILÖLLINEN  OHJAUS ajanvarauksella:

mm. tasapaino- ja kaatumisriskianalyysit    
ma-pe klo 8-9 tai sopimuksen mukaan

  • KYSY LISÄÄ tai poikkea:  

040 524 0109 tai


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